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Pitch Training

Pitch Training - The Dating Game

A good Pitch in itself, will not get you the funding you need.

A bad Pitch could stop you get the funding you need!


When you pitch it is akin to getting a date – for which there are always two elements:

  • What you pitch – is like your internet dating profile – effectively it is something that grabs the attention of the listener/ watcher. Something that makes them want to talk to you.
  • How you pitch - is your internet video – how you come across / does the listener / watcher want to spend more time getting to know you and your business. i.e. that First Date?

I do two things for my clients when it comes to Pitching:

  • I will, if they want, create their Pitch document with them. This involves discussion about what it is from their Business Plan / Forecasts that the watcher will really want to hear. What is attractive , what will get their attention , get them wanting to know more.
  • I will also help them with how to deliver that pitch – what to wear, how to speak, project themselves….. effectively how to perform. There are some people that cant be trained if so, I will tell them that they should get someone else to do it.