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There are thousands of consultants out there - generalists who think they can do everything, specific consultants who only work on their bits of your business / your psyche etc. I am a generalist with a bias towards financial matters and I know I am not right for everyone … but for some people I am.

I do two things for my clients when it comes to Consultancy:

  • I will, if they want, spend time in their business to work on a specific project – this is often profit improvement – I will look at their business, examine the key metrics and advise on a plan of action. If they want, I will go back in and assess their results and modify the action plan where necessary.
  • I will act as an outside / independent listener. Often this will involve simply letting the client get a load of issues off their chest and then analysing each one to decide which ones are real problems and need addressing straight away, and those that are niggles and can be left to address at a later date. This could be a one off or continue for a few sessions.